Project Description


Prostheses, called veneers  or dentures, are artificial teeth made instead of lost teeth for various reasons or to eliminate aesthetic disorders so that the person can perform chewing and speech functions.

Like other organs in our body, it is affected by the problems of time in our teeth. With aging, teeth are damaged to different degrees due to fractures, cracked discolorations, abrasions due to parafunctional disorders and gum diseases. It also causes loss of substance in accidents and caries and teeth. In such cases, the restorations we make to replace the missing tissues in the treatment of teeth are called porcelain veneers= porcelain crowns. Porcelain material is used in veneer coatings. Porcelains are restorations obtained by cooking ceramic powders at high temperatures. The cooking process allows ceramics to acquire a feature similar to the enamel that forms the outer part of the tooth both in color and structure. Porcelain veneers can keep their color and form stable for many years.